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Prepare and protect for your travels with the right vaccination!

How does it work?

Call 07494 202547 for a telephone consultation with a clinician to establish what vaccine you need, how many courses are required, the cost and time frame to plan your vaccination and make sure it’s effective before you travel. Call now on 07494 202 547 so we can get you booked in.

Are these vaccines for travel only?

It’s a good idea to protect yourself from illnesses such as shingles or chickenpox by getting a vaccine and preventing future illness. It’s always a good idea to keep your tetanus shots up to date.


Where can I get my vaccine?

A short drive from Warwick, Solihull, Stratford Upon Avon, Coventry, Kenilworth, Stoneleigh and Rugby. Our Travel Clinic and Pharmacy can be found at – lillington pharmacy , 100 Cubbington Road , Leamington Spa CV32 7AG. Call our vaccine clinic on 07494 202547 before attending to have your vaccine consultation.

Can I get a walk in appointment for my vaccine?

We might have availability for same day vaccines but you must have an over the phone clinical consultation before you are offered the vaccines at our clinic. Call 07494 202547 to plan your vaccine and go through the consultation.

The following vaccines are available in our Leamington travel clinic :

Chicken Pox



Hepatitis A & B

Hep A and Typhoid


Japanese Encephalitis

Meningitis ACWY

Meningitis B



Rabies (im)


Tick-borne Encephalitis


Whooping Cough

Yellow fever

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