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MenB vaccine overview

The MenB vaccine will protect your baby against infection by meningococcal group B bacteria.

These bacteria are responsible for about 9 in every 10 meningococcal infections in young children.

Meningococcal infections can be very serious, causing meningitis and sepsis. This can lead to severe brain damage, amputations and, sometimes, death.

The UK was the first group of countries in the world to introduce a MenB vaccine into its national programme using the Bexsero vaccine.

Who can have the MenB vaccine

It’s given to babies at:

8 weeks
16 weeks
1 year

How the MenB vaccine is given

In the UK, Bexsero is the MenB vaccine that’s used. It’s given as a single injection into your baby’s thigh.

MenB vaccine protection

There are hundreds of different strains of meningococcal group B bacteria around the world.

Some tests predict that the MenB vaccine protects against almost 9 in every 10 types of meningococcal group B bacteria circulating in the UK.

However, it’s not yet clear how this will relate to lives saved or cases prevented.

How the MenB vaccine works

The MenB vaccine is made from 3 major proteins found on the surface of most meningococcal bacteria, combined with the outer membrane of 1 MenB strain.

Together, they stimulate the immune system to protect against future exposures to meningococcal bacteria.

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